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The layout of the construction machinery industry leading a consensus

Release time:2012.05.17 News source:Star Of Sky Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd.

After a year-long trough of the construction machinery industry usher in a little warmth.

Policy refinement to steady growth, coupled with the Development and Reform Commission to speed up project approval, which gave the market reason for optimism. Loosening of the policy side still remain in the expected level, the April sales data of the various segments of the excavators, bulldozers and other construction machinery industry is still a year-on-year, the chain tumble, which previously pessimistic atmosphere is difficult to have radically changed.

With the gradual onset of the change in policy, engineering machinery industry can usher in a turning point in June? For this problem, the industry parties today. But the industry can reach a consensus: in the second quarter performance of listed companies of the construction machinery industry will continue to divide, strong Hengqiang pattern will be further highlighted. Zoomlion (000,157, stock it) (000 157, the closing price of 11.00 yuan), Sany Heavy Industry (600031) (600031, closing price of 14.92 yuan) as the industry leader, its performance will be far better than the other listed company.

Continuous ushered in policies favorable

In the past two weeks, the construction machinery industry, and usher in a policy favorable. May 23, the State Council executive meeting, promoting the "12th five planning of major projects on schedule implementation, start number of the overall situation, driven by strong major projects, railways, energy saving and environmental protection, rural and western regions have been identified base facilities, education, health, information technology projects in the field, to speed up the progress of the preparatory work. "

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