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To upgrade the quality of bearing industry into the structural adjustment

Release time:2012.05.17 News source:Star Of Sky Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd.

According to the China Bearing Industry Association, one hundred key enterprises in the statistics, combined with analysis of the calendar year, the National Bureau of Statistics 2011 national bearing industry to complete the main business income of 142 billion yuan, an increase of 12.7%, bearing products business revenue of 106 billion yuan , an increase of 11.6%, bearing production of 180 million units, an increase of 20%, total profit of 72 billion yuan, down four percentage points, the main business profit margins fell by 1 percent.

From the export market, China's exports of 49 million sets of bearings, earning $ 4.5 billion, an increase of 18.2% and 36.6% over the same period in 2010, imported a total of 18.8 million units, the use of foreign exchange of $ 4.17 billion, an increase of 4.6% and 9.4%, into the export surplus of $ 330 million, a deficit of $ 800 million and $ 500,000,000 in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

China Bearing Industry Association deputy secretary general of cattle just analysis is that experienced rapid growth after 2010, 2011 bearing industry high to low operating momentum into the third quarter, the economic operation of many companies into a passive situation, sales dropped The lack of orders, funding constraints, the sharp increase in inventory, receivables high, economic decline, offset by the results of the rapid growth in the first half of the whole industry to follow the national pace of economic restructuring has entered a stage of structural adjustment and return to the rational.

Industry situation is more severe, sharp economic decline, 1-March, one hundred key enterprises in the industrial output fell 7.40 percent, the industrial added value down 5.71%; bearing output of 8.7 million units, down 9.27% ​​bearing sales of 8 million units, down 18.76 percent, and sales rate was 91.8 percent, a record low in recent years; bearing inventory volume has reached 49.9 percent, an increase of 13.8 percent, still continues a rising trend since the third quarter of last year.

Hundreds of enterprises the main business income of 15.88 billion yuan, down 7.22%, bearing business revenue of 10.68 billion yuan, down 1.12%, total profit of 630 million yuan, down 47.62 percent, 520 million yuan of the total taxes , down 15.38 percent. Among them, 83 companies bearing operating income decreased 23 revenues declined more than 20%, 7 February, the largest decline has reached 74%. There are 63 corporate profits fell 34 an increase of 23 loss-making enterprises, an increase of 12 loss of 80.65 million yuan, an increase of 3.8 times. 31 enterprises in China axis Association survey earlier this year, 97% of the enterprises in the first quarter of this year, has entered a "winter", the output value of these enterprises accounted for 10% of the industry.

- Is expected before the development of industry-wide low level

According to the Chinese axis Association forecast, expected the first half of 2012, the entire industry will continue the downward trend in the fourth quarter of last year, the second half of a slow recovery, but the range is limited, the annual development of the "low level". Expected in 2012, main business income of China's bearing industry reached 158 billion yuan, an increase of about 11%, bearing revenue will reach 112 billion yuan, an increase of about 12%, bearing production will reach 210 million units, an increase of about 16%.

Niu Gang, 2012, the negative factors of the domestic market of China bearing industry will continue to increase operational risks increase. The one hand, the factor price rise, increasing pressure of business costs, falling profits, rising inventories, accounts receivable increased recycling difficult, especially SMEs tight liquidity; the other hand, foreign investment in Chinese bearing enterprises have begun to enter the ordinary bearing market, so that overcapacity in the formation of excessive competition in the market, threatening the survival of some enterprises. At present, many hosts in the industry supporting demand, bearing corporate orders to reduce the majority of enterprises in the first half orders of less than 50%, underemployment.

In contrast, the foreign market is superior to the domestic market, while the euro crisis can not be improved in the short term, US-Japan economic stagnation is likely to slow economic growth in Asia, will our country bearing exports have an impact, but from another perspective the international economic downturn is bound to promote all kinds of industry efforts to reduce cost pressures in China bearing the cost-effective but also has certain advantages, therefore, in 2012 China bearing export growth in high growth trend expected to continue in 2011.

January to March this year, China's total exports of 10.2 million sets of bearings, fell 0.1 percent over the same period in 2011, earned $ 1.026 billion, up 13%-number reduction, increase foreign exchange earnings for the first time in recent years. Same period, China imported a total of bearings 429 million units, down 6.7 percent, sinks $ 849 million, down 11.4 percent, a quarter of a surplus of $ 177 million.

In response, industry experts suggest that the state should set the access standards in the industry, to strengthen the integration of the bearing industry, and promote merger and reorganization of enterprises, reduce unfair competition, to increase the private small and medium enterprises, especially the critical foundation to assist and guide efforts to increase support for technology research and exchange efforts to increase export tax rebates, to adjust the tax and banking policies to solve the problem of corporate finance. Meanwhile, relevant departments and industry organizations should set up a cross-industry price-fixing cartel, to further reduce the prices of raw materials continue to support the automobile industry, and guide the motorcycle industry, increase the quality checks and substandard products exposure intensity, and cultivate a greater influence in the world the big brands.

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