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Large-scale infrastructure construction to speed up

Release time:2012.05.17 News source:Star Of Sky Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd.

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission official website of the project for approval and approved "column shows, since April, the speed of investment approval, May 21, in one day up to more than 100 projects approved, mostly for clean energy by the total approved project is almost equivalent to the sum of the first 20 days of May.

In this regard, market participants believe that up to more than 100 clean energy related stock movements

Zoomlion to 11.00 +0.151.38% Xugong to 15.27 +0.020.13% Liugong 13.86 +0.010.07% Sany 14.92-0.02-0.13% with projects Flush 17.35-0.22-1.25% approved the construction of these required for the project of construction machinery demand will increase. Secondly, with the continuous increase of the "steady growth" future demand for construction machinery will be restored, In addition, the State Council meeting called for speeding up the construction of large infrastructure projects, construction machinery, will pose a direct positive.

In this regard, market analysts believe that, although the construction machinery industry from the data, the overall demand in the doldrums, but showed a warming trend due to large-scale infrastructure, driven by the boom of construction machinery. First of all, real estate sales in May year-on-year growth to maintain a high level. Influenced by the Ching Ming holidays, the average daily turnover of the April 23 a second-tier cities area and for the 433,200 square meters, year on year growth rate is still 21.21 percent compared with March year-on-year growth rate of 53.46% decline, but still maintained at a high level. 27 days before the May average daily turnover of the area and 517,800 square meters, the highest since January last year, and an increase of 28.26% compared to the same period last year, compared to 21.21% in April and rebound. Second, the large-scale infrastructure of railways, highways will soon pick up. According to statistics intended projects, since March, the amount of railways, highways and other infrastructure projects, engineering design significantly increased demand for construction machinery fundamentals are expected to pull in June.

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